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Akufo-Addo's inaugural speech a plagiarism of former US presidents'?

Comment: Petty Scepticism for You Talking Heads

Nova, USA
2017-01-07 21:29:27
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pepeni will always be a pepeni

For y'all talking heads and Monday morning quarterbacks, you're been petty. What difference does it make if he used excerpts from HW. Overtime excerpts of famous speeches are lifted by prominent folks like Obama. Stop cherry picking, Nana's speech is well received and a good speech. The content and context is what counts as it comes from the heart to deprived Ghanaians who get it. Stop been confused with your so called adopted elitism. Excellent job Nana. Wish you all the success for Ghana's sake.

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Petty Scepticism for You Talking Heads
Nova, USA
01-07 21:29
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