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Apologise for false claims - Rawlings to Amewu


2016-12-20 21:08:30
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Apologise for false claims - Rawlings to Amewu

Former President Mr. John Jeremiah Rawlings, please what have you gained in all these?. You are alleged to have masterminded the defeat of the party which you are the Founder, National Democratic Congress. Your daughter Dr. Zanetor Rawlings stood on the NDC ticket and won the Korley Klottey seat. Your wife Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings vacated the NDC and formed a party called the NDP. She obtained less than1% of the valid votes cast. It has also been alleged that you went to the Volta Region and visited all the chiefs individually and told them to advise their subjects not to vote for the NDC but rather vote for the NPP because the NDC it a corrupt party. Now, Mr. Rawlings, you have got what you want. You have helped the NPP to win the elections and come to power. The NPP Regional Chairman in the Volta Region said your contribution to the party made the NPP gain about 30% of the votes cast. 30% of 10 million votes is 3 million votes. The difference between President Mahama votes and that of Nana Akufo Addo was 1 million votes. So you can now see what you have done to your own party of which your daughter Zanetor is an MP. On reflection and with the benefit of hindsight have you gained anything? What I want to tell you is that, you have by your actions cut your daughter to a one term MP only. The Party executives are obviously very angry with you and come 2020, they will NOT VOTE for Dr. Zanetor to stand on the ticket of the NDC as their candidate. Dr. Zanetor stood to gain to be appointed a Deputy Minister in the NDC administration now or in the future possibly as a Deputy Minister of Health but all these have been whittle away by you. If Dr, Zanetor intends to be a politician, she should forget it, because this will be the first and last time that she will stand as candidate on the ticket of the NDC. Now that you have supported the NPP to win the elections, I think it will be a good idea to contact Nana Akufo Addo to appoint her as a Deputy Minister. Thank you very much Mr. J.J. Rawlings and may God Bless you and your wife.

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