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Agenda 2020 posters for Mahama pop up

Comment: Re: Mahama will be jailed for his corruption

2016-12-23 13:48:59
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Mahama will be jailed for his corruption

Insight to the bone, you are very divisive. What is needed is goodwill on the part of the incoming administration for inclusivity in developing all parts of Ghana and education on Nationhood. Ghana needs enlightened and patriotic leadership. I believe we will find it in Nana Akufo-Addo. Those who rule this country must live lives of good example and vision in order to move the people forward in unity. There aren't many Ghanaians who do not have relatives across tribal lines. It is a strength which should be promoted. Mahama sought to get Ghanaians to vote on tribal lines, he practiced tribalism in his appointments, but that was only a reflection of his mediocrity. Thankfully he failed. I now hope that he is consigned to history. He was just a bad dream, which I hope we will wake up from quickly.

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Re: Mahama will be jailed for his corruption
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