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Technology: E-democracy - A new vision for Africa's democracy

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2016-12-13 09:51:45
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Advanced Technology: E-democracy - A New Vision fo

In the midst of squalor,disease,poor housing,lack of good drinking water and inadequate sanitation, this good -for-nothing Ph.D holder thinks it is more prudent for our poor nation to use our meagre resources in building up Hitler-like idea of ID cards. There are 15 million people in the Ivory Coast without access to electricity yet they do have state sponsored ID Cards. How does that improve their quality of life? My Octogenarian mother needs an ID card like a hole-in-the head. Why on earth does the poor cocoa farmer in rural Ghana needs a credit score for when his/her access to water is the nearby stream that gives him/her nothing but water-borne diseases?

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