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Ghanaians must reject EPA - Pratt

Comment: Revisionist Thinking - K. Pratt/others

2016-11-06 02:52:28
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Ghanaians must reject EPA - Pratt

Folks Kwesi Pratt and all who agree with him are a sorry bunch that Lilwinn describes as "can't think far". Mr. Pratt and compatriots like JH of New York and Kwabena Nkrumah believe that the EPA will dump EU goods on Ghana and ECOWAS to destroy local local industries. That presupposes that we are not competent enough to compete in the global economy? That sort of thinking is defeatist and anachronistic and advances the notion of black man's inferiority. To the contrary, I believe it is more in our interest in opening their markets to our locally produced goods. It will also open collaborative investments to advance our economic development.we don't have a trade agreements with China , India, South Korea, Vietnam and Thailand but our markets are flooded with goods from those countries? Come to think about it what goods will EU dump on Ghana through EPA? Is it tin tomatoes, corned beef, canned tuna, cooking oils, cotton based textiles, value added tea/coffee:cocao? Or advance technology products? Without agreement we import more cars and digital products from Asia than the EU? You drive through Accra and they full of Hunday, Kia, Toyota , Honda and Nissan.? EPA will encourage ECOWAS economic intergration the will unify markets large Auto companies for example to locate here. Otherwise we will continue to deal with the neocolonial East Asiatic Company( unilrver), counterfeit Chinese and Dubai goods and will be happy. If Dangote, Group Ndoum and others can compete on an international level , " YES WE CAN"!? EPA will allow our local value added goods to enter the EU if they meet their local quality standards. Without EPA we cannot expand non traditional agricultural products or force us in setting up operations to substitute for market attractive products, If countries like Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea can migrate from producing basic products for exports and systematically migrate to high value products in 25 years then the black man ( Ghanaian) in his country can achieve same. It is unfortunate when people who must know better continue to push economic development models that have out lived their usefulness. Mr Pratt the welfare economic development models are dead. Russia, China and Easter Eurooean political parties that practiced thiose models have drop them in favor of private individual initiative models.
I agree we must harness our competitive advantage in natural resources, land , rivers and human assets because countries like Switzerland, Singapore, South Korea and countries which are not endowed like us have done much, much better
Finally let me leave you with the following thoughts:
1. Governments don't create wealth. Individual do.
2. How we think is everything. The half full / half empty idea.

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Revisionist Thinking - K. Pratt/others
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