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Ghanaians must reject EPA - Pratt

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JH New York
2016-11-05 22:14:50
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Ghanaians must reject EPA - Pratt

Whatever personal grudge anyone has with Pratt should not influence one's
comment on the EPA agreement. At the time, I made a contribution on this forum that, Ghana should learn a lesson from, or,follow the footsteps of the Colonial Master,Britain, which suspended to change the almighty British Pound(£) to the € Euro as adopted by the European Union Member States/Countries,to have sufficient time to study how it goes for Britain to come out with a well thought through decision.With exception of the then flagship, Samia Nkrumah(CPP) all those aspiring to stand for election in the Country at the time,including the incumbent Mahama(NDC),Akufo -Addo(NPP),Paa Kwesi Nduom(PPP),
Dr Lartey(Great Consolidated Party- grow what you eat),etc,etc.were all Mute on the EPA Agreement(and they want to be president).A Minister of State,notably,Hannah Tetteh(Foreign Affairs),turned round to lobbied her govt and ECOWAS Members States on behalf of European Union. Is such a person patriotic! considering the long term effects of the EPA Ag'ment to collapse local Industries,or turn West Africa to European goods dumping grounds. If the Factories would be Shipped/Transferred to Ghana to give Job openings or opportunity to our Youth,fine,without that the EPA Agreement is not worthy of consideration and therefore Parliament should not approve of the EPA Agreement.

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11-05 18:09
Re: Ghanaians must reject EPA - Pratt
JH New York
11-05 22:14