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Ford gift: Dismissal of ‘silly’ motion right – Murtala

Comment: Silly Motion?

Prof. Issifu, USA
2016-09-03 17:40:38
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Ford gift: Dismissal of ‘silly’ motion right

When a government is about to fall, a major historical symptom is insults and insinuations from those in power. We saw this during Acheampong, Busia, Rawlings, and Kufour's regimes. Busia is on record for saying "no court"; Rawlings...."mosu koraa nameye no more"; Kufour said"corruption is from Adam". Now "silly motion", "dead goat" etc. Politicians learn history but fail to learn from history!

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09-03 16:31
Silly Motion?
Prof. Issifu, USA
09-03 17:40