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MANASSEH’S FOLDER: Victimised NPP does not deserve sympathy

Comment: One-sided commentary needless

2016-04-01 00:34:58
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MANASSEH’S FOLDER: Why Victimised NPP does not d

Pure Pulitzer: Objective, factual, simply, challengingly sincere, completely and utterly academic in the middle of the uneducated cacophony of journalism so-called. One-sided commentators should step back for second, read the piece again, again, and again .... relax '.... count till 10', and then comment on the piece but not on the plotical views, colours or tastes of their opponents. Where does this guy get the gall from to remain as objective as 'Lady Justitia' would and present such a piece. I will vote this for a Pullitzer if I had a vote. No worries .. I do vote it for "best quality journalistisc piece"; vote him for "the 'boldest' journalist in Ghana"; "the only intellectual journalist".

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03-29 11:27
One-sided commentary needless
04-01 00:34