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MANASSEH’S FOLDER: Victimised NPP does not deserve sympathy

Comment: Can someone stand up in the NDC????

2016-03-31 16:57:24
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MANASSEH’S FOLDER: Why Victimised NPP does not d

Excellent piece but you see there's still difference between ndc and Npp,the issues you raised in your article that took place under the Npp re all true but don't forget we had a leade or president,he had good and bad sides no doubt,the NDC under mills and Mahama re not the same re they?when Atta mills died,the campaign message adopted by the current ndc was different,late mills was a stooge who was used to arrive at where we find ourselves today,he ordered the minister of finance not to pay Woyome but the refused his orders,he only represented the face of the party.Have you forgotten Ato Ahoi once said over his dead body ll his colleagues member of the party ll ever become a minister under Mills?was he the one Ghanaians voted for?istead of running from this parties who ve come to stay,we should only make sure that the good ones in this two dominant parties should be the ones elected to lead and finally become presidents,Nana Addo has demonstrated over the years that he's not corroptible,has anybody ask the question why even people in his party fear him?i think it's abundantly clear that he ll expose and crash their corruption empires should he come to power,so it's up to Ghanaians to decide if we want to continue in poverty or want a change for our children future,because we re not near development if you've ever traveled abroad.Geeda alone as you investigated should be a test case.If we can be bold and not fear to point out the wrongs of every government then we can bring a change and the needed development that our people need,today it's suprising that so call men of God and prominent people in society re so quick to want to identify with the powers that be and remain mute on corruption.Smattys a small girl like this can be allowed to disgrace a big political party like ndc that has ruled this country more than any party,and in all this you can't even find one courageous person in the party who has come out to conderm and insist that she's prosecuted for what she did,rather they re all quiet,not even Mr Rawlings the founder of this party has been able to say anything,how does Mr Rawlings feel looking back at those he killed for corruption that was nowhere near what his own party people re stealing today?.YaNaa,s killing under Npp was unforgivable mistake,it was a master hand of the Abudu,s in the Npp at the time who headed all the security post except defence ministry to perpetuate that crime,and instead of Kufour who was busy making money punishing those involved because it was criminal,decided to help them destroy the evidence as a cover up,any leader who thinks this way is not a good leader,the laws of the state must be seen bigger than any individual,when Kufour won again in 2004 he thought the killing of YaNaa had no impact on the party,but it take a visionary leader to access the that and clearly Kufour lacked that,again I thought he was done with politics and was suprize to note that he push for Alan to be president,did he not need the votes of Adani,s if Alan his preferred candidate had won the primaries?poor vision.I ll edge all Ghanaians to think deep and vote massively for Nana Addo because the rejected stone shall be the head Conner stone,he has what the thief fear that's why they re laying about him.

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03-29 11:27
Can someone stand up in the NDC????
03-31 16:57