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MANASSEH’S FOLDER: Victimised NPP does not deserve sympathy

Comment: Re: CORRUPT NDC

The Future Force
2016-03-29 13:07:40
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If someone like you Kee refuses to learn from what Manasseh has written but will say my comment is stupid, I leave your wise judgment to the good people of Ghana. But if you want to be wiser and learn from NPP's past mistakes, then go back to class one and start all over. You may begin to pick up from the blocked headed and blind circle in which you are now and stop the support for cruelty that nefarious people have visited on this country in the past. If your father were to be the Yaa Naa, and got killed that dubious and cruel manner, you would have appreciated my comment. If you had gone for an interview and passed and they asked you to produce a party membership card before giving you the job in the npp era, you would appreciate my comment. But as foolish as your folks, and as cruel as the devil, you gladly justifies diabolical injustices of the npp's past and your head will go down the grave like your wicked npp leaders have started with.

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The Future Force
03-29 13:07