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Video: Brussels attacks 'leave 26 dead'

Comment: Re: May Allah forgive u

2016-03-22 07:11:23
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May Allah forgive u

Nonsense Islam. Evil Muslim. Crazy religion. Islam is just darkness evil satanic. Created by Romans to spite the Jews to create a parallel story to sideline the original Jews. Fake pedophile polygamous murderous prophet. The half moon Allah tells them to kill the enemies of Allah aka infidels for wife's in hell. Sons of vipers. Broods of snakes. Generation of pigs.
They hate Christian soo much yet a whole chapter is named after mariam. Jesus issa is mentioned more than the self acclaimed prophet mohammed. ....curse be on him.

Get them out of your office home business they are ideologically deluded. Spiritually dead.

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03-22 09:37
Re: May Allah forgive u
03-22 07:11
My problem is northerners. NTAFO)
03-22 11:16