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Legalise cannabis – Kofi Annan

Comment: Cannabis

Enoch. O
2016-02-23 13:48:53
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Legalise cannabis – Kofi Annan

I do not need to read all Kofi Annan has written. Before Independence it was against the law to drink/sell Akpeteshi. Today one can see the usefulness to our economy. Progressive governments all over the world are legalising the use of Cannabis because it has health qualities, not to mention the economic value to the nation. At least if the government or the people do not want it, it can be exported as a commodity, and the government can earn some income. Why are we so averse to change, this is the year 2016,and we are still living in the past. WAKE UP Ghana, this is a technological age, age of the Smart Phone , the Internet etc.,etc. Long live Ghana.

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Enoch. O
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