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Ablekum West NPP officers petition national executives

Comment: Stop exhibiting the socially unacceptabl

Corrupt Justice
2015-10-24 08:38:49
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Ablekum West NPP officers petition national execut

Why all this portrayal of cancerous character in the eyes of the public? You can't see the lot of exhibition of callous manners in the NDC. It is only exhibited in NPP and portrays it as a party with all the negatives, which goes a long way to weaken it. If those who are pursuing their parochial interests in the party see no reason to address their concerns through the national executives alone but to run to the media to insult the party before its rival political parties, then they are not true party members and they are doing a disservice to the party. If I should have such a problem i feel i cannot stomach, i'll rather resign than to tarnish the image of the party and subject it to public ridicule through the media. People must realise that every party is jointly owned by masses of people, who make a lot of sacrifices, material wise and psychologically to sustain it. So if you carelessly destroy it, you are stepping on the toes of many stakeholders. All the negative reportage of the party's internal issues in the media by members must cease henceforth!

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10-23 19:37
Stop exhibiting the socially unacceptabl
Corrupt Justice
10-24 08:38