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Music of Friday, 10 April 2015

Source: Kweku Sekyi

Nii Okai drops new hit ‘TRINITY'

Award-winning music minister, Nii Okai, has released a chart-breaking single called TRINITY off his upcoming 5th album - ‘Saving Hearts’.

The song, which debuted at no. 2 on the Afropolitan Top 20 Hit list, garnered over 1000 hits on YouTube and 506 plays on SoundCloud within hours of its release via social media.

One of Nii Okai’s close followers confessed some few hours after the release on social media saying, “I have just been blessed with one of the best gifts today. The Ga language is indeed heavenly; it’s going to be me and this song all night long communing with the Holy Spirit.”

Trinity represents one of Nii Okai’s finest works to date, with each beautifully written line evoking a sense of wonder for our God. He sings with so much passion extoling the greatness and awesomeness of God; singing each Ga word boldly to reiterate the splendor of the Three in One.

Nii Okai stated during an interview that one dawn, after his private bible studies, God dropped the song in his spirit. Inspired by Psalm 40, he developed the full song in one stretch.

Speaking from a perspective of someone who neither speaks nor understands the Ga language, one can testify that even without understanding the meaning of the lyrics, the song takes you to a place of intimate and unfathomable worship where you begin to long to understand the words, to better worship with it.

The strings, piano and guitar mesh beautifully to strip you of all pretense leaving you with a longing for the great mystery; ‘Ts? l?, Bi l?, k? Mum? Kronkron’ – translated as the TRINITY.

The song was recorded live at the KICC Dominion Temple in Accra and features the Harbour City Mass Choir, an ensemble of Nii's finest vocalists and musicians, mixed and mastered by Koda.

Trinity is set to transcend age, gender, and religion and would certainly fly across the shores of Ghana.

Enjoy 'Trinity' below.