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The Brutal Dictatorship of Kwame Nkrumah II

Comment: G. K. Berko - a great post, your best

2015-02-04 15:42:10
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Thank you, Mr. Yeboah! The loudest elit

G. K. Berko, this is one of your best. A great post that SAS could not adequately respond to.

Your post is far more valuable than any longueurs Kwarteng can write in defence of Nkrumah.

The point, as you rightly stated, is to point out what Nkrumah did, under the circumstances, to move the entire nation forward. Implicit in this is what his opposition could have done if they had had the power. It would not have reached Nkrumah's achievements. No way!!!

To call Nkrumah a brutal dictator is to miss the point. SAS is the descendant of the opposition to Nkrumah and everything he says is in that vein. SAS has to oppose everything Nkrumah stood for so that NPP, the party SAS supports, will look favourable. But that doesn't gain traction with those of us who know more and lived some of the time of the Nkrumah regime.

I am NOT Nkrumaist, but I will choose Nkrumah any day, any time, WITH ALL HIS FAULTS (yes, he had them), rather than the opposition he faced at that time.

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G. K. Berko - a great post, your best
02-04 15:42