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The Brutal Dictatorship of Kwame Nkrumah II

Comment: Thank you, Mr. Yeboah! The loudest elit

G. K. Berko
2015-02-04 14:09:31
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Thank you, Mr. Yeboah! The loudest, ultra-selfish elitist demagogues, who have always thought they and their families alone have been ordained by the Omnipotent to rule all others and the Nation in perpetuity would never forgive Dr. Nkrumah for disrupting their agenda to fill in the despotic gap that the Colonial imperialists had left behind, and acknowledge anything positive and constructive the late President helped to build.

It is the avowed ultimate goal of such hypocritical, narcissistic scaramouchs to wipe out any trace of Nkrumah's positive contribution to the Nation. They are the very worst of foes any humans could encounter. They have hearts of stone and have not an iota of compunction for anyone they have the slightest reason to brand as their enemy. They are infinitely incapable of the subtle but most relevant human attributes for reconciliation and progressive inter-relational reconstruction. They are ruthless, insensitive masters of distortions of facts to cover their own nefarious behaviors and activities, while bellowing the shortcomings of their perceived enemies.

It is not surprising that they do not hesitate to brandish their academic prowess in our faces at every little opportunity, and even, moronically, fight among themselves to claim superior scholastic clout because they use that to impress on our many less educated that they alone have exclusive access to any knowledge that is worth anything, including our History.

They are infuriatingly snobbish and nauseatingly arrogant and impudent. They rain dehumanizing insults on all who oppose their opinions and still have the brazen audacity to call others dictatorial and attempt to educate us on Democracy. Ironically, when given the opportunity, they fail equally miserably to put their own lessons in Democracy to practice, hypocritically resorting to much of the same dictatorial tendencies they fault Nkrumah for.

No one claims Nkrumah was infallible or a saint. But the masses, in those days, believed in his cause and followed him voluntarily. It is common human nature that when people badly expect a leader to succeed and consider verbal inspirations to whip up the leader's going-power, they tend to shower that leader with accolades. That does not make the people dumb or any less intelligent than the opponents of those leaders. But such is what the likes of Nkrumah's enemies would think of all who sympathize with him at any level.

We must all acknowledge that there are some folks who hate ferociously and would not stop at anything to act viciously towards their foes, no matter the circumstances. It is unfortunate that many of these dedicated Nkrumah lifelong haters belong to that group of haters. So, maybe we would have to live with that. But what I vehemently disapprove of these people and hope to help effectively mitigate is their deliberate tactical misinforming the young, just so our future generations would have no trace of the man's positive contributions to the Nation's History.

I do believe that each of the Big 6 deserve some credit in our match to freedom. We should not take that away from them. But so should we acknowledge whatever good Nkrumah did as well.

The now-horribly-unacceptable faults in governance by Nkrumah were not exclusive to newly independent Nations fearing a sneaky reclamation by the powers that were forced out via proxies. Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore was no different in that regard. Houphouet Boigny's Cote d'Ivoire was no different either. Neither were the Marcos of Philippines, Mobutu of Zaire or Kinshasa, now D. R. Congo.

Many other Nations in similar circumstances shared Nkrumah's governing attributes and yet never were undermined from the more powerful Western Nations as they did to Nkrumah. Show me a dictator the West supported and I would show you a Nation's Citizens he brutally suppressed to get his agenda fulfilled. It is laughable how Dr. SAS corrupts our conscience in claiming that all the infrastructure Nkrumah built amounted to nothing more than mere ephemeral edifices, while lament that our Economic and Standard of Living collapsed with his exit.

The success in every Nation's development is seen not necessarily in how much Democracy the People could claim to have as much as the physical manifestation in infrastructural achievements that touch on their basic lives, with any such proper organization and discipline to make those advancements. If we were only interested in moral expediency and puritanically pious Society, we would have invested in creating a Religious State like in Tibet, ruled by Monks. This insulting self-adulatory pontification by Dr. SAS only reminds me of the slavery-minded Southern USA Politicians who tout their Evangelical Christian background but share bedding with the KKK, and treat the poor with disdain.

Therefore, if anyone wants to know why our Democracy did not start off with stronger foundations, we should ask the author of this article and his cohorts who left no stone unturned to usurp the democratically elected Nkrumah's regime even before the full reins of Government were handed over to him.

Dr. SAS cannot stand the truth. He fails to acknowledge the genesis of the violent distraction that pushed Nkrumah to take those unpleasant dictatorial measures but is only interested in condemning the symptomatic outcome of Nkrumah's reaction. That is pure academic corruption!

J. B. Danquah and his pseudo-democracy advocates did not suffer any brutal suppression from Nkrumah until they resorted to fatal violence to get rid of the late President's regime. In fact, Nkrumah's move to tighten his grip on the Nation, up to his declaration of an One-Party State, all happened within a couple of years, 1963-1965.

If the Opposition was so disruptive that they would not let Democracy find a footing after the Elections that saw them lose hugely, how does the dear Dr. SAS, in all his socratic verve for
democracy expect the Nation to have cemented the system in place?

Let no Ghanaian be fooled, it is all in plain view for readers to see that Dr. SAS is no true advocate for Democracy but a sordid, disgruntled advocate for Aristocracy.

Surely, Mr. Yeboah, the likes of Dr. SAS play on our relative handicap in Academic research that he brags about as being a guru of. But God has his way of exposing such intentions in folks of that nature. He allows others of lesser 'recognition' and Academic laurels rise to the occasion and take them to task for greater transparency on the whole truth, not a half-truth.

It is time we quit the game of relative morality crap and seriously concentrated on applying lessons in those dark days of our Nation to rebuild Ghana. The credits Danquah and Busia and the Big 6 deserve must be duly acknowledged but so should the good people of Ghana not allow the credits due Nkrumah be covered up with vicious hatred and lies by his enemies and their vengeful offspring, even as we identify the human frailties all of these laudable children of Ghana showed in their quest for what we all cherished.

Long Live Ghana!!!

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Thank you, Mr. Yeboah! The loudest elit
G. K. Berko
02-04 14:09