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The Brutal Dictatorship of Kwame Nkrumah II

Comment: What are strict democratic principles?

Abeeku Mensah
2015-02-04 05:56:49
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The Brutal Dictatorship of Kwame Nkrumah II

Like a typical classroom educated Ghanaian lacking in apolitical valuation skills Samuel Adjei Sarfo spews the kind of diatribe that is free food for tribal zealots and political party animals needing no independent thinking processes of their own. Why did you Samuel Adjei Sarfo not state a time in the history of Ghana, from British colonial rule till now and or government leadership when "strict democratic principles" have been or were at play? I may not be a lawyer but thank God my parents did not allow classroom education to elude me and I made use of those very important years of my life to acquire what true values of being educated is all about. Should in case you missed or misunderstood best practices and procedures of strict democratic governance, Adjei Sarfo, the success of "strict democratic principles" start with effective government institutions formulated out of a meaningful constitution. Tell me Adjei Sarfo which practices at the three branches of government passes your muster under your loose definition of strict principles? As a so-called lawyer in good standing in the UK or in Western Europe would you care to explain the legal doctrine behind renditions and the holding of suspected terrorists indefinitely without charge or trial? You are either a hypocrite, Adjei Sarfo or an apologist seeing value in what was done in Ghana under colonial rule but take exception for what Nkrumah did during his time in office to check acts of terrorism and chaos which is being practiced today some 40 years after his death. In the United States of America some worship the late president Ronald Reagan because he acted in the interest of America even in violation of due process. With Ghanaians like you, a preferred delusional practices of democracy will do just as long as chaos rules and classroom educated but unprincipled elite core gets to steal, mismanage and sell Ghana piece by piece all in the name of your watered-down version of democratic governance. Ghana deserve classroom educated citizenry with ideas, ideals, foresight, wisdom and above all principled moral stance.

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02-04 01:07
What are strict democratic principles?
Abeeku Mensah
02-04 05:56