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Ghanaian group in Canada honour Her Excellency Rev Dr Ocansey

Comment: Re: Oh Charles Mukwa:Hypocrite

Mr T. Ashietey
2014-12-17 23:16:25
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Oh Charles Mukwa:Hypocrite

I really know this guy but i think if i were him i should not have talk too oo much because you are more than Satan considering your evil attach on Madam. You started this with your leader who illegally sent you to Canada instead of princess and you were able to find the ways and the means just to tarnish princess image which some has dropped now because they see nothing wrong any way you are seriously benefiting for your devilish attach on princess but what i know is ONE DAY and even Now all of you your days are numbered. This guy is nobody else but one of those Top guys who planned just to Tarnish Princess image for their own gained. As the Bible said Woe unto those who falsely accused and Woe for the wicked ones who destroy for their own good as you people were doing by some few years ago. Infact you are totally a spirit of destruction may God punish your such liars. How will you say Princess has involved herself in human trafficking?I think you have to go back and read about the so called trapped lady whom you guys put her into Channels of blessing program just to destroy it by your plans but I think this Woman is serving a Living God. Those who even sent her to court have their self blamed b,cos the so called lady was mentally sick here in Ghana before they intentionally set her into the program May I say again Princess you are serving a living God. You said this woman is NDC meanwhile in our regime as i was an MP in Greater Accra Region she help many of Ghanaian citizens for job placement abroad. You are insincere guys but mining you that group that your so called impersonation just to destroy her for your own gain cant go far.
It seems you haven't read much about the award and the founder of the Fraternity group of Edmonton...I think you are confused yourself by saying they are doing this to repairs Naa Asi Ocansey image that you people were trying to destroy for a long time. Am in USA now as am replying to this evil planners of this woman who has done a lot to Ghana and beyond. Princess may God Bless You If Now They Come To the Knowledge Of True That You Are Really a Princess. May You Be Blessed the Lord Is In Control.

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12-14 08:59
Re: Oh Charles Mukwa:Hypocrite
Mr T. Ashietey
12-17 23:16