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Ghanaian group in Canada honour Her Excellency Rev Dr Ocansey

Comment: Oh Charles Mukwa:Hypocrite

Shocked beyond belief!
2014-12-17 14:05:04
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Con Artist

Friends and countrymen, this is nothing but a PR Gimmick and a pathetic attempt to repair Naa Ocansey's dented image. Charles Mukwa was one of those who were brought to Canada by Naa Ocansey and has benefited immensely from this wicked woman, along with Nana Sam. Nana Sam Works for her too.

First of all her father is the chief of a very small village at Ada called Ocanseykope with less than 2000 inhabitants. If that makes her a Princess then so be it. She has used the Princess to charm the Americans who tend to worship Royalty.She started her fraud by taking advantage of problems at Valco and sending many Valco workers to the US and Canada charging $10, 000 each. That is how she came to own two proprties atTrassacco Valley. She is dishonest because under the guise of her Channels of blessings she provides fake certificates to those she dumps in Canada to work as masons, carpenters and heavy equipment specialists when they know nothing. Most of those she sends to Canada either get fired or laid off. Charles Mukwa has been eceptionally lucky. One such unfortunate guy got a stroke in Edmonton as a result of shock. He had sold all his property to pay her, yet she didnt even help the guy out. Someone in Vancouver developed mental problems as a result of being fired. She never helped them and they are calling her a Philantropist?

She talks big and has connections in the NDC that is why he has gone scotfree from her recent arrest for human trafficking. Some of us know this woman like our palms so all those of you who think she is God sent should not be fooled. If you investigate her properly you will find that all those accomplishments listed in the article are nonexistent.
She wrote the article herself and gathered Charles Mukwa and a few of her loyal friends to come out with this nonsense.

I live in Edmonton and a member of the Ghana Association as well.

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12-14 08:59
Oh Charles Mukwa:Hypocrite
Shocked beyond belief!
12-17 14:05