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Ghanaian group in Canada honour Her Excellency Rev Dr Ocansey

Comment: "Dr." Princess my A*S!!!!! Tweaaaaaa!

Idi Amin Dada
2014-12-15 21:55:34
Comment to:
Senseless Speach by so called Idi Amin

Solomon Agbatornu, please DONT BRING YOUR SELF! Now any fool can lobby the corrupt individuals "in charge" to buy their way into getting "Honorary Doctorate". Look at this High School Drop-Out called Absolutely Santana. Even That guy, who dont know where the gates of legon are or where we at ten lectures at any University in Ghana is now called "Dr." Abeiku. What a funny nation called Ghana. Hahahaaaaa I cant even stop laughing.

Now, fool let me tell you something wise: Even Kofown Annan and Former President JJ Rawlings who have multiple "Honorary Doctorate from Legitimate Universities and Other recognized Places of higher learning DONT CALL THEMSELVES DOCTORS!!!!!! Why? Because they are wise enough to know that the title "Dr" at the front of a name can ONLY be enjoyed by those who have spent 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 to 10 years researching and and schooling and prooving themselves in the hard academic way for it. "Dr." PRINCESS my aaaasssss!!!!!!

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12-14 08:59
"Dr." Princess my A*S!!!!! Tweaaaaaa!
Idi Amin Dada
12-15 21:55