General News of Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Revealed! K Agyapong’s harrowing near death experience

It has emerged that a couple of months ago, the General Secretary of Ghana’s biggest opposition party, Kwabena Agyapong, was forced to sneak out of the party’s headquarters in the boot of a car, so as to escape mauling by an irate mob.

Some angry supporters, who thronged the New Patriotic Party’s headquarters on Tuesday August 19, 2014, to bay for the blood of Agyapong and party Chairman, Paul Afoko, were heard discussing how the former flagbearer-aspirant (Agyapong), had to hide himself in the boot of a car, to escape attacks on his person during the first violent rumpus.

Agyapong’s car boot-escape, according to the irate mob, happened during a near fisticuffs situation sparked by an attempt to replace the bodyguards at the headquarters with a new set of guards.

In Tuesday’s renewed clashes, Agyapong and Afoko were forced to seek refuge inside the party’s headquarters after the angry mob of gun-wielding and machete-holding youth stormed the premises to vent their spleen on them.

The two party leaders were in the middle of a press conference explaining their side of a story concerning some administrative changes at the headquarters when the mob charged on them with crude weapons.

Tuesday’s attack was a spillover of recriminations and disagreements that were sparked within the leadership of the party as a result of the new changes that were being introduced by the new leadership.