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Ghana to be a tenant state by 2040

Comment: Re: TO DR SAS

Dr. SAS, Attorney at Law
2014-07-03 22:35:45
Comment to:

1. Have you given up on "course" and "cause"?
2. You never grew beyond the scholarship of your elementary grammar teacher? Mind you, he was an "elementary" Grammar Teacher, not an advanced one!

3. The fact that you had an elementary grammar teacher should inform you that grammar is a subject. Your teacher was teaching a subject called Grammar!
4. I am an authority in Grammar, an aspect of which is basic logic. These are my qualifications: Doctor of Jurisprudence, Masters in English Literature, B.A. (Hon)English, Dip. Ed., Dip. Drama. I have taught English at every level of the educational ladder, both in Ghana and here in the USA. I am an authority in the subject.

5. I have stated that the name of a subject of study is proper noun. If you have a problem with it, come up with the authority that says otherwise. Most dictionaries will define some areas as disciplines, and it is conceivable that given the context, you will see these disciplines initiated with the lower case. Don't be fooled into thinking that this fact applies to subjects of study in a collegial context.

6. It should suffice that a person seeking to make corrections in another person's article comes up with three fraudulent assertions. I would go no further in dismissing his integrity as a teacher of any type, let alone grammar. But if the person turns around to fault me wrongly and claims refuge in Murphy's law, I would say the person's problem is big indeed! When you arrogantly sought to correct the author of that nice article, you were not intending to make three mistakes. Therein lay Murphy's law!

7. Possessive pronouns are types of nouns, and the adjectival form of "noun" is "nominal". Don't confuse it with the other "nominal" in different lexical contexts.

8. Don't pooh-pooh me with your articles by asking me to write one; I have written quite a bunch here. My name is Samuel Adjei Sarfo. My email is You may read me for your own critique.

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Dr. SAS, Attorney at Law
07-03 22:35