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Ghana to be a tenant state by 2040

Comment: TO DR SAS

2014-07-03 11:17:23
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Re: To Dr. SAS & IDRIS PACAS: Grammar

I'm not a grammar teacher and have never taught grammar anywhere. Apart the English classes I attended at the per-tertiary levels and the communication skills I did at undergraduate level, I didn't do English again.

'Suggestions' to your own write-up.

1. This is because I am busy doing something different with my life, and I don't see how reading these books will advance my chosen 'cause'.

Should the last word be course or cause?

2. My background in the sciences is comprehensive enough, having studied Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Basic Electronics and Applied Electricity to quite an advanced level.

Names of subjects are common nouns unless the name is derived from a proper noun (eg, English from England). In addition, courses marked with numbers are capitalized, eg, Economics 101. I suggest to Dr Sas that capitalizing those subjects is an error.

Again, notice that it's often too easy to spot errors in other person's work, but in your quest of correcting them, a possibility exists for you making some (see Murphy's Law). Well-edit works never test negative to errors.

Compose your write-up!

I appreciated your corrections especially Point 1, which might have taken me several months or years to notice. Points 3 and 4 are well within my control and those errors occurred because of my failure to thorough-edit the work.

Thus, those corrections which I made in the said article that prompted you to also make some here are worth it. Ghanaweb is not only a place to inform but it's also a place to learn.

Accordingly, I scored you 70 % for teaching me that lesson (Point 1). You lost the 30 % because you indicated that your corrections are in response to some corrections I made earlier.

Keep reading and correcting.

I'll be happy mailing you directly.

Good bless Ghana.

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