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Women vote for handsome men – Kufuor

Comment: The truth of the matter is that,beyond

2014-03-31 10:46:50
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Women vote for handsome men – Kufuor

A person`s good looks,Nana`s inability to secure cructial votes of the so-called independents,stems from the fact that those who make up this chunk are not too comfortable with the following about Nana: The 'majestic pretensions' he likes to project;his fondness to be seen as very 'original' in ideas ( eg. the proposer of the grandiose and scary concept of "property-owing democracy"); his penchant to shoot from the hip;and his inordinate desire to 'win' the Presidency at-all-cost! His inner circle of advisers,made up mainly of family or clan members,have not helped to advance his political ambition! Someone like Paa Kwesi Nduom,to a lesser degree, suffers from a similar 'malady'that scares voters away.

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The truth of the matter is that,beyond
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