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Women vote for handsome men – Kufuor

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2014-03-31 10:35:28
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Women vote for handsome men – Kufuor

It may be a bit simplistic to say that looks win elections, but it's part of the mix. A politician that looks good, is smart, and has a good team around him/her will win over a similar person who is not as attractive. It's not just the women who vote for the attractive man. Men may think an attractive male leader is a potential projection of them. I don't know the psychology around it but it's true in so many facets of life. How many ugly world leaders do you see? Why do they advertise using attractive people and not ugly ones?

Nana has fought the good fight but it's time to pass the torch to a younger person. I'm afraid the NPP will lose the next election if Nana is flagbearer because his age will be a factor for a percentage of the voters. The NPP needs to have a leader with some experience who can talk well. They don't need a leader with immense amounts of experience or history...The NDC are the ones digging their own graves with how they are managing the economy. Many votes being cast for NPP will be more against NDC than for NPP. NPP should have a flagbearer without potential baggage.

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