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Methodist Bishop engaged in useless, naked populism - Pratt Fires

Comment: Populism, how about Duncan Williams

Senior Wisdom
2014-02-03 09:35:10
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You call this populism, so what will you call someone praying to revive the cedi. You a a gimmick. We cannot criticize an incompetent administration who is throwing the country to dogs. The cedi is depreciating like no one cares, and the government has no clue so sits in a church where prayer is being offered to prop the cedi. What happened to sensible economic policies. Borrowing from China and having nothing to show for that, payment of dubious judgement debts, dubious circumstances surrounding the sale of merchant bank etc. These corrupt practices need addressing instead of the nonsensical prayers to appease failing politicians. Honestly I have already lost any interest in this government. They are made up of 'babes' who has constipation of ideas and no clue as to salvaging the ailing economy. I really feel sorry for the country with this dumb administration. God does not just intervene when people have no sense of patriotism and are determined to loot the country.

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02-03 04:30
Populism, how about Duncan Williams
Senior Wisdom
02-03 09:35