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Methodist Bishop engaged in useless, naked populism - Pratt Fires

Comment: That Pratt of a man

2014-02-03 05:55:02
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Methodist Bishop engaged in useless, naked populis

I wonder whether this Pratt man understands his own pronouncements, much more someone else's. The Bishop was being practical. He said: "We have said enough prayers; it is now time for action. Let us appeal to the president to act". And Kwasi Pratt is proclaiming: "Oh, the Christians are saying there is no whoo in prayers!" Your name and your pronouncements are synonymous, Mr Pratt.
The Bishop has the responsibility to seek justice for his congregations. He has the platform to say what his members yearn to say.
Religion is not devoid of politics, in the same way that politics cannot be devoid of religion. They both affect and encompass the lives of the masses. The leader of one cannot shy away from the controversies of the other.
The Bishop is right to bring the concerns of his people to the ruling class. But because of the ineptitude of the ruling class, anyone who raises any issue with the government is a card holder of the opposition. But when others like Duncan Williams sing the praises of government, they are acclaimed as the only true men of God. And you, Pratt, are always the loudest to join the chorus.
Come out and declare which party you belong to. Do not try to hide behind that empty shell of neutrality of your so called profession. You have always been a biased commentator.

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That Pratt of a man
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