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Methodist Bishop engaged in useless, naked populism - Pratt Fires

Comment: Kwesi Pratt You are very insincere

Efo Kobla
2014-02-03 05:03:58
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Methodist Bishop engaged in useless, naked populis

Kwesi Pratt, you are the most insincere person in Ghana today. You are the same person who always argue that the solutions to Ghana's problems are not about prayers and fasting.

What has the Rev. Minister said wrong. If that is they way you wish to twist what the man said, may the good Lord you don't believe bless you.

Religion is not about tithe and offerings. Monies given at Methodist Churches don't go to the Bishop. Methodist church is not a one-man church. You think because of tithe and offerings the bishop should keep mute when he sees the right thing or the truth?

If after 56 yes of independence Kwesi Pratt now thinks only prayers and fasting can save the nation, then we have a problem.

Kwesi do you think after fasting and praying God will collect our money from Woyomi; God will take back the Sada, GYEDA money; God will calibrate our OIL for us; God will give Ghana 100% oil money instead of 13%; God will give us 100% gold money instead of 2%.

Kwesi, Bishop Duncan Williams has done your will by delivering our falling Cedis from the chains of the devil. Thanks Kwesi now believes the devaluation of our Cedi is the work of the devil.

Have you never said what Rev. said? If as a Bishop and a Ghanaian he has no right to comment on national issues because he is a religious leader, why dont you concentrate on your paper publication but jump from radio station to TV station comment on any issues from "Atrology" to Zombielogy.
Kwesi thinks he is the ONLY Ghanaian who can comment on any issue and demonstrate when he wishes.

Kwesi, you are very cunning. No wonder you worked for CIA; betrayed your pal Kwaku Baako; and the only none wee smoker who saw Nana Addo smoking the stuff.

We thank God Mr Pratt now believes the only solutions to our problems are fasting and prayers.

You can pray for God to put food on your table BUT God will never feed you like a mother feeds a 1 month old baby.TRAITOR!

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02-03 04:30
Kwesi Pratt You are very insincere
Efo Kobla
02-03 05:03