Ghana begins testing for GM cotton production

Comment: Stop GM farming in Ghana

2013-09-23 11:42:25
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Ghana begins testing for GM cotton production

GM in Ghana? The main agenda is greed, and to eventually wipe out small local farmers. It's happening now in America. The GM companies are being chased out of countries who see this danger. Some small scale farmers in India are presently experiencing the diabolical work of GM farming. The Ghana gov't need to research and fully understand dangers involved in GM side effects of GM crops. They begin with cotton, and will gradually move to all farm produce in Ghana. Ghana's crops are organic and must remain organic for the health of the people. Bigger economies can afford better health care for their people. Ghana can not. Please let's rise up against GM farming in Ghana. For more information and a movement to stop GM Farming, contact me at

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Stop GM farming in Ghana
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