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PAC to prosecute lying heads of institutions

Comment: lying pepeni and ayigbe criminals

insight to the bone
2013-08-27 19:55:53
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3y3 as3m oooo

the pepeni is right , the verdict whatever the case can not throw the country into war rather can only be another nail in the coffin of already dead ghana . pepeni still has time till next year at least to start thinking of solutions in new job creating opportunities that ensure the wealth of the nation stays with the people of the nation , clean up the tribal corruption against Akans , reshuffle and create an all inclusive govt and not only toilet carrying alajih pepeni but also bring in the Akans in proportion to their population , no npp power sharing but all-inclusive in terms of ethnic back ground , stop lying and being biased in favor of Chinese Indians Koreans Turkish and Lebanese but look to find partners in Ghana with Ghanians. a proper investigation and inquest into the death of mills and not this flimsy excuse of'' believe us its not necessary attitude ''. appoint people based on competence and merit and not these amateurs who can only give him loyalty at the expense of the welling of the nation . yes you idiots out there asked me what my suggestions are and here they are so you don't say i only chastise and criticize without pointing out the solutions . if he doesn't do these things war will come sooner that you expect . personally i hope he is too stupid to do the right things and the country separates so we Akans move on without you fools

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08-27 19:44
lying pepeni and ayigbe criminals
insight to the bone
08-27 19:55