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The Untold Story of "Sodom and Gomorrah"

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Nii Tetteh
2002-10-11 10:17:53
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The Untold Story of "Sodom and Gomorrah"

At times it is painful to see what actually comes out of the Political engagement of the Ga Mashie State. It was only Dr. Kwame Nkrumah who gave a bit of respect to the Ga State, but all other Gov'ts prefer to close their eyes on the development of this City. I don't think even the Ga Politicians have even recognised their greediness by only thinking of their pockets than see their Native State developed. It is no wonder that such things happens. Everybody can cut a piece of land in Accra and give it a name and people would start calling this name. Look at all the names we have in this capital, apart from the Od names like Kaneshie, Korle-Gonno, Mamprobi, Chorkor,Adabraka etc. can anybody tell me how those Names like La Pas,Ahaso wodia etc came to be in Accra. We have to blame the Govts who chose to take any land in Accra whether the Gas like it or not for these things. The Ga Mantsemei have no say and places like the so called proposed Olympic Stadium was just taken away without considering what would happened to the emerging Ga young ones. After a while it turned out to be a looting place for the richer ones who have no respect for the Ga Culture and are only intersted to damage it. Take a statictics at this place and see how many Gas live in this place. I was a Victim to this vicious deal likewise my whole family. After our Parents founded Odorkor and Kwashieman and the only expansion of these families were this land the Govt. decided to take it and later on closed its eyes while the other Richer Tribes started building on it when it abadoned the idea. Would the Govt allow people to settle in the Castle or even near it? All they need to do is to take Bulldozers to start pulling down these Structures and the problem would be solved and they would surely still get their VOTES in the next Elections. The ga Mantsemei should wake up from their Slumber and do Something. Are they looking on while our only Ancestoral Korle Lagoon is being turned into a Dirty Lagoon while others are preserving theirs? A City does not means every rot should be brought there and no Wonder when you see some of the MPs From Accra have no Accra Names and therefore no interst for those the land belongs to. I know many would be irritated on this comment but this is the REAL TRUTH.

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10-11 08:52
RE: The Untold Story of
Nii Tetteh
10-11 10:17