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Our leaders have become tin gods - Arthur Kennedy

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2013-07-16 11:29:53
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Our leaders have become tin gods - Arthur Kennedy

That has been the character and attitude of the Npp.It is a party no overblown ego. Listen to even what Tarzan said about ordinary Ghanaians criticizing him. He called them poor people who cannot provide three square meals for themselves. So him he is above criticism by ordinary citizens .In other words if you are not affluent and influent, and don't have a PhD, you do not matter.And here is someone who HSS aired the same concern as Dr.Kennedy!!
Therefore if a person Dr.Bobby is lamenting just like Dr.Kennedy about the Npp leadership, then just imagine the level of bigotry and intolerance in the party.
Unless this negative attitude is fixed, God will not allow them into power.It is as simple as that.
I am baffled as to why the party want to celebrate Busia; for what? He is the architect of Ghana's woes when he sacked all the well-trained managers and technocrats by the British and replaced them with his unfaithful, unpatriotic, and selfish ethnic cronies. They mismanaged and looted the country dry.Busia' s administration was an abomination!!
It is a shame that npp has no one they can celebrate. Kuffour is better to be celebrated than Busia.Npp should not wait for Kuffour to die before he is celebrated. As for Busia, they should let sleeping dogs lie!!

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Re: Our leaders have become tin gods - Arthur Kenn
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