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BNI arrests Omari Wadie over fake Mahama sex photo

Comment: Even the david Cameron, Ghanaians gave

2013-05-27 18:12:12
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BNI arrests Omari Wadie over fake Mahama sex photo

Even David Cameron, the psoter child for homosexuals, of UK, Ghanaians gave him their piece of mind when he crossed our soveiregn line. Rawlings in the early atages of the revolution queried: "hand over to whom?" Well now as an ardent follower of the PNDC/NDC, we all know whom he handed over to - the Ghanaian voter. The point I am trying to put across is Ghana is now in a full fledge 4th Republican democratic despensation. If Mahama and his cult followers are not happy they can go to court for redress. They have no right to supress freedom of expression we all fought for. The man has perchant for dictatorial tendencies. He mustn't have learnt a little from his god-father, Atta Mills, about his supposedly joke of "first gay president of Ghana." He wasn't gay, we all knew right, but it was meant to be a joke. Obama was heckled recently by Ms. Benjamin, Co-Founder of Code Pink in Maryland, did the woman get arrested? No. He even gave the woman some slack for her advocacy. BNI must stop harassing Ghanaians for their freedom of expression. If the president is not happy let him go to court. Turn your guns on the illegal Chinese enviromental pollutionists, okay?

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Even the david Cameron, Ghanaians gave
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