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BNI arrests Omari Wadie over fake Mahama sex photo

Comment: There is no case

James Nsiah
2013-05-27 15:47:44
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BNI arrests Omari Wadie over fake Mahama sex photo

A photo is circulated of a man who looks like the president of Ghana doing something despicable and an arrest is made. The reason given by the police is that the suspect had doctored a picture of the president but my questions are,

1. How did they determine the identity of the man in the photo?

2. How did they arrive at the conclusion, that the photo emanated from suspect.

3. How did they conclude that the photo was indeed doctored?

4. Did the president lodge a formal complaint?

I do want to see the security move swiftly to respond to all security issues but the current trend where opponents of the government are easily rounded up and it takes eternity to respond to other issues is worrying!

If the Security had established that the image in the photo was the president and that they are doctored, what then is the purpose of this arrest. What else is there to establish?

Shouldn't Michael Omari Wadie be sued instead??

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05-27 09:54
Guinea Burkina Fowl Mahama
05-27 13:34
There is no case
James Nsiah
05-27 15:47