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BNI arrests Omari Wadie over fake Mahama sex photo

Comment: NDC is an evil party supported by Ewes

Woman's wisdom
2013-05-27 14:34:36
Comment to:
Omari, NPP Scapegoat.

In as much as I disagree with Ken. Agyapon'g statement of calling Akans to wage war against EWes, I think Ewes have prooved themselves equally liable of waging unnecessary war agaist Akans. What is the purpose of Abekudzi's stupid stance in court, distorting the court proceesings? what of Kpega's foolish case in court pertaining to Nana Addo's law certificate etc? Woyome is a thief. Okudjeto is a thief. Kpega is a fool. Amekudzi is an idiot. So what do you expect? I like the Ewe community because they are also regarded as Ghanaians but I hate them when it comes to their disorderliness, stealing and their support for thief jon Mahama.

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05-27 09:54
Guinea Burkina Fowl Mahama
05-27 13:34
NDC is an evil party supported by Ewes
Woman's wisdom
05-27 14:34