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BNI arrests Omari Wadie over fake Mahama sex photo

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Frank Agyena-Karikari
2013-05-27 11:20:39
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The posting is bad but if it were in a developed country, the security forces would not have come in on this stupidity. With the internet, it is difficult to intimidate people. The action of the BNI will let people against Mahama do worse things on the internet.
How can BNI prosecute this guy? Did he in any form mention this is Mahama's picture? Do we have look alike people? Some in the opposition are not enthused about the postings while others do because of a similar thing done to Akuffo Addo. The BNI should have more important things to do. This belongs to the CID. For now, I promise you that the BNI will be going on a wild goose chase.

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