Feature Article of Friday, 26 April 2013

Columnist: Osei-Poku, Emmanuel

Church and government…the profitable relationship

The Religious bodies in the country must be involved in the roles related to the development of State through investments and taking up state positions to help us enjoy the light the renowned religious people are in too, but not only in the four corners of the CHURCH but to all the corners of the society where we find the government governing the state.

The Religious bodies like Christianity must be well established in the less developed areas or regions of the country. This must precede all developments in these less developed areas. RELIGION must be first before these areas are heard of their cry for developments, this will be ensured by the bond or relationship between RELIGION and government in tackling the underdevelopment of Ghana. Therefore the Clergymen must be employed in statesmanship, building and financing state institutions. There is a wrong belief that CLERGY has no business in the State, but it is vice versa the government has no business in RELIGION. RELIGION has a lot of business in governance of the country.
First the government must stop the development of these less developed areas in the form of infrastructures and ensure the morale development of the people through the establishment of religious bodies example Churches. The uncivilized nature of a larger proportion of the regions mostly hinterlands that is the main cause of the under development of Ghana. These societies must be developed through the transformation of the minds of the inhabitants by the establishment and popularization of RELIGION in these areas to heal their minds into civilization. This will put them in a best position to receive their share of the national cake equitably.

Thus, these less developed areas or regions must receive the establishment of Churches to aid the needs of the less privileged people, we all know GOD first. Therefore there must be no further physical development in the form of infrastructures when the uncivilized people do not know how to manage the infrastructures in these areas. The government builds schools, markets and many social amenities in these areas and the inhabitants will not be able to manage them because of the state of their minds. The government must resort to the development of the minds and morale life of the people in these less developed areas in Ghana through Religious bodies especially THE CHURCH in the establishment of the moral education of the people.