Entertainment of Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Source: Adeyemi Adebayo Victor-GhanaWeb

Chris Brown paid $1m while breaking the law

We have everything a country could wish for; good climate, wide expanses of fertile land, enormous mineral resources with newly discovered oil, a wonderful population of about 25 million entertaining people - and Chris Brown, apparently...

The people of Ghana are adventurous, bold and daring. They talk a lot. They dream a lot. And, wait for this; they suffer a lot because of industry financiers’ decisions in bringing an artist like Chris Brown to perform here.

‘Chris Brown’ Hope City Launch Concert, powered by rLG, which saw GH acts like R2Bees, D-Black, Efya, Samini and Sherifa Gunu rock, has come and gone and there are many lessons to be learnt from the show which took place at the Ohene Gyan Sports Stadium in Accra last night.

Prior to Breezy’s coming, we had thought of it as being a ‘misplaced priority’, see $1m for Chris Brown… misplaced priority?.

We asked why, amidst no light and no water that such an amount could be splashed on a musician who could never understand these issues? We are not poor because we lack natural resources or because nature is cruel to us; but we are poor because we lack attitude.

Apart from the media attention regarding the enormous sums of money which are thrown at international stars like Chris Brown while Ghanaian acts are paid a pittance in comparison, the pre-Independence Day performance concert was a shambles.

From the organisation to the headline performer, the show lacked the worth of denying oneself sleep. A lot of scenarios last night have paved the way for more questioning than answering. And what are the benefits rLG as a brand could derive from throwing such a vast amount of money away on single night?

Most people were shocked at the indecent attitude of Chris Brown with the 'wee' thing he displayed on stage, smoking and using vulgar language on stage all in the name of performing! The country has no money, yet someone can pay an international star to come and promote the smoking of ‘wee’ against our cultural values.

Innocent people are harassed for simply looking as though they possess ‘wee’ and get arrested and yet Chris Brown, in the full glare of the cameras, brazenly brought out his ‘wee’, saying “if anybody’s tripping on you smoking weed, fuck them” and smoked, then left freely.

There have been stories whereby people have been jailed for over ten to fifteen years for possessing ‘wee’ yet Chris walked away.

At events like this, security men are always present and we all know that ‘wee’ isn’t legal in Ghana, so what were they doing? It is now coming into play the reason why organisers asked that all press men come without their cameras...

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