General News of Monday, 25 February 2013

Source: peacefmonline

NPP MPs to be sued over boycotts

The NPP Minority Caucus in Parliament risk being dragged to court if they do not rescind their decision to boycott their duties,Hon. James Agalga, has warned.

The Builsa North MP, who believes the boycotts by the Minority contravenes the constitution, does not understand why the Minority would resort to boycott of their duties even when they are seeking redress at the Supreme Court.

He was of the view that once the NPP MPs have sworn an oath of office to uphold the constitution, he was expecting them (NPP MPs) to live by their word.

“By their conduct and the very reason for staying away from their duties as Members of Parliament, they have violated their oath of office. How are they upholding the constitution by flouting Article 64 clause 2….They have gone to court through the invocation of Article 64(1). Now the clause two says in the event that the Supreme Court invalidates the election of the president, everything done by the President before the declaration by the Supreme Court will be lawful so it doesn’t matter that the president was unseated as a result of the petition currently pending before the Supreme Court,” Hon Agalga said.

The NDC MP questioned the “sense” in the series of boycotts being implemented by the Minority.

“The president appears before parliament in pursuit of Article 67 to deliver the State of the Nation address and the minority decides to stage a walkout with the reason that they have a matter pending in court…What sense do they make of the Article 64 clause 2? Therein lays the unconstitutionality of their actions. The boycott embarked on by them contravenes Article 64(2),” he added.

To him, the Minority cannot invoke one aspect of the Constitution which states they can go to the Supreme Court to challenge the validity of the elections in article 64 clause 1 but choose to ignore Clause 2 of the same article and therefore vowed to make the NPP MPs answer for their actions in court.

“I’m using this platform to serve them notice that, very soon, they will dance to the tune of their music in court,” he warned.