Feature Article of Monday, 25 February 2013

Columnist: Nweanah, Francis Eduku

Nkrumah not God, let's tackle our present

Though it is of goodness to praise our heros to serve as a role model to
ginger our young ones to take up the ladder, over-bending to that could lead
us astray on grounds of dynamism.
How past people are remembered in our country other than building upon their
good works eplains how far we are in decision making,
especially Nkrumah's adoratiosn today projects as if he is going to come some
day to embrace what we are doing to him.
Let us take the amour because Kwame nkrumah was as human as we are and the
environment under which he worked differed from ours.

The kind of population he met differed from our's today so it is left for us
to balance it with production output per head.
How Hmmm learned and adaptive people have become in thiefing was not like in
the olden days, which must be taken care of by a well compensated and
rewarded CIDs after apprehended culprits with unedited digital evidences.
They must play roles in every public institutions and ministries. The kind of
cunning white people Nkrumah met differed from those seen today on grounds of
how researched they've become making us believe the "paper" money than
production leaving us in great and uncontrolable inflation and turning us
into beggers, the gun for slavely making us slaves irrespective of whether
you syphon: making us believe in certificates than the self oriented
potentialities for developments and removing technology from science on the
Creating holes and lapses, examples are students of science demanded the same
requirements as their counterparts in admission making the wise decisive in
chosing cheaper subject to further their education luxurary, therefore
creating incompetent graduates with higher certificates. And also making us
believe in english than logics, what a shame. That is why we think insult
leads than explanatory thought.
The only benefit which God has forced them to open our eyes of due to their
lust for us is for them to teach us to accept homosexuality, a better
population dynamic tool which partly and indirectly works for the
sustainability of the luckly born and could curtail our situation now.
Yet their earlier taught is overwhelming our ability to decide.
Let's put up the attitute of taking the meagre facts and researching on for
relay of self and soul reliance.
The problem we are facing now in our country in summary is being built on the
vilification of those who wants to remain truthful thinking it is of goodness
to the syphoning principles, not knowing they are being manipulated by the
works of the white which has it diminished trail.

In tackling all these problems, let take note of these for policy
formulations and seek general amendment to our dear constitution.
We should consider scientific evidences first before culture.;Since culture
wasn't researched on before its formulation and too superstitic.
Though insult is a correction tool, lets use it appropriately thus when
logics has won after deliberations, debate and clear expalanations. Also
let's tackle what can harm us other than always run from them.
The lowest:highest remuneration of the land must have a relation. eg, the
president must take fifteen times the remulation of the lowest rank of
teaching other than relying on self appointed commitees to decide. This will
ensure justice. Or the President must be made to take the salary of the
lowest rank of teacher and gangantuanly remunerated after service for him to
be able to feel the evironment for better governance.
Well punilized policy must be put down by the state for unions who cheat on
their Partners ...
in marriage (all) as it is in its self a form of agreement similar to other
agreements to help boost production in our institutions since the attention
of public workers is much dependant on.
Automomous istitutions must have their own presidents who are elected on the
same sheets for voting and should have their own decentralization mechanism
and proceeding like the main governance, independent, only their financial
source should be tapped from our consolidated fund.

I am taking this opportunity to strengthen our President, His Excellency John
Dramani Mahama to boldly go on his services and decisions as He does not rely
on the old achaic policies but seeks to reform and appraise and that should't
think the country may be rendered ungovernable by relying much on his

Francis Eduku Nweanah (Asp Deg. NURSE),
From Nawule in the Jomoro District of Western Region