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Witch killing and Africans

Comment: Ilitracy is a crime

2013-02-02 22:56:57
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Witchcraft Is Real

BJ, I am going to curse you today for your ignorance. You will never prosper and you will be tormented by demons for the rest of your entire life. You are an Iliterate and an idiot. Your parents have failed you, they destroyed your mind. I bet you are one of the followers of TB Joshua. You are what we call a retard in the western world. You have a low IQ. No wonder Ghana is still in the dark ages although the country is endowed with gold and oil. You have a very sound knowledge of the scripture, i hope you were equally able to retain information while at school to become a medical doctor. Shame on you BJ. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself this question: "what contribution have i made to the society"? You will then realise you are a waste of space. Educate yourself and stop blaming witches for your inadequacies. Your mother and father are the witches who failed to empower by denying you the gift of education. Useless man. I will fuck your wife again when i come to Ghana.

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02-02 20:13
Ilitracy is a crime
02-02 22:56