General News of Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Source: Al-Hajj

NPP to Make Country Ungovernable

-Using surrogates

By A A Yayra

To avoid “shellacking”, President John Mahama and the National Democratic Congress Party must think again and again to revise their notes on the security network in the Country, as The Al-Hajj’s investigations proves that, the New Patriotic Party has hatched an unholy agenda aimed at destabilizing the government.

Recent surge in threat of strikes actions, demonstrations, boycotts and calls for civil disobedience by members of the NPP and some pressure groups should not be considered as a mere rhetoric but an elaborate plan by the elephant party to make the country ungovernable.

The Al-Hajj has uncovered that the NPP intends to cause a mass disaffection against the government and make the country unmanageable; an agenda that lends credence to an earlier declaration by the party’s General Secretary, Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie that President Mahama will not last as Ghana’s president, hence the decision by its MPs to boycott the vetting of President’s ministerial nominees.

The NPP’s plan is to wage a relentless, sustained and ever-increasing psychological war using proxies such as selected civil society groups, workers, pressure groups and other bodies; of which some sections of the media will serve as the conveyer belt to create confusion, low morale, erode confidence, fear, uncertainty and discord in the country.

To achieve this diabolic ploy, the Presidency of John Mahama will be hit with series of unexplained strikes by civil and public servants, civil disobedience by some section of the populace, series of fierce demonstrations by pressure groups like the Alliance for Accountable Governance, the Let My Vote Count Alliance, and the Young Patriots and in some cases, bombings.

True to this well baked plan by the leadership of the NPP, the Mahama administration, which is still in the process of forming a cabinet, has witnessed a spate of threats of strike actions by the National Association of Graduate Teachers and the Ghana Medical Association. Just last week, the President of the GMA, Adusei Poku, knowing verily that there isn’t a substantive Health Minister, gave a two week ultimatum to government to resolve their grievances on the Single Spine Salary Structure, failure of which they will not call any meeting but will just lay down their tools.

In like manner, NAGRAT and GNAT have also threatened government of similar action if steps are not taken to look into irregularities in the implementation of the SSSS.

What is said to have put the NPP’s frivolous agenda in third gear is the intensive nationwide campaign been embarked on by the LMVCA to rally support for Nana Akuffo Addo and the NPP, who are challenging President John Mahama’s legitimacy as the winner of the 2012 Presidential election.

With its intended action, and never mind, it is the NPP that sent the matter to court, the pressure group is set to whip up public sentiments in a bid to get them join the bandwagon against the purported electoral fraud been alleged by the NPP. At an official launch of the LMVCA over the weekend at the “No Way Park” at Dome Kwabenya, various speakers at the function exhorted party supporters to take to the street in the event that the Supreme “fails to declare Nana Addo President” More ominously, James Kwabena Bomfeh, a member of the Convention People’s Party stated at the same forum that nothing short of a victory in the NPPs court case will be acceptable, hence all supporters of the party should mass up at the Supreme Court on Tuesday; a point which was re-echoed by others speakers at the forum.

Indeed, a leading member of the LMVCA and a guest speaker at the event who was not immediately identified was heard calling for the resort to bombing of schools and strategic national monuments to draw international attention. In order to consolidate this treacherous political scheming, a political activist, Atik Mohamed; though of Peoples’ National Congress, yet a surrogate of NPP on Radio Gold’s political talk show program ‘Alhaji & Alhaji’ on Saturday called for massive boycotts, demonstrations and civil disobedience throughout Ghana to drum home Nana Akufo-Addo/NPP’s demands. This pronouncement nosh directly into an earlier threat by the NPP through Sir John that they will make the country ungovernable for President Mahama if the security agencies dares stand in their way. Following its first round defeat in the 2012 presidential elections, the NPP took to disputing the result on the basis of its allegation that results that had been certified by its own polling agents, had somehow been manipulated by the Electoral Commission to give an easy win to the NDC.

While the allegation has come as farfetched because Ghana’s first ever biometric-based electioneering process had been observed and passed by both international and local observers, the NPP has been very uncompressing in efforts to hit home their disgruntlement-in spite of being in court seeking dozens of reliefs.

In the immediate aftermath of the elections in December 2012, supporters of the party were incited to take to the streets of Accra to beat and stab anybody that was seen clad in the paraphernalia of the NDC.

Before the party boycotted the investiture of President John Mahama in January 7, it also had cause to render unqualified apologies to many media houses whose reporters were attacked by its supporters.

The party has also boycotted the ongoing vetting process of President Mahama’s ministerial nominees on the basis that the party does not recognize the legitimacy of the President and until the Supreme Court pronounces judgment, they will not partake in any activity in parliament that has something to do with the President.