General News of Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Gul: Ghana as a model for Africa

Turkish President Abdullah Gul said Ghana, as the first country which gained independence in the sub-saharan Africa, was a country all African states see as a model.

Speaking at a joint press conference with Ghana's President John Dramani Mahama following a tete-a-tete meeting in the Turkish capital of Ankara on Tuesday, Abdullah Gul stressed that Turkey- Ghana relations would reach higher levels in all fields.

We are pleased to host my dear friend Mahama and his delegation,Gul said. President Mahama is in Turkey with a large delegation of ministers and businesspeople, Gul underlined.

I thank President Mahama for making his first overseas trip to Turkey after assuming his post, Gul noted.

"My visit to Ghana in 2011 was historic and it was the first time ever that a Turkish president visited Ghana. Likewise, Mahama became the first Ghanaian president ever to visit Turkey," Gul stressed.

" Ghana is a very crucial country for Africa,"Gul expressed.

" Ghana was the first sub-saharan country to declare independence in 1957 and the first to establish a free state,"Gul said.

"Later, Ghana achieved democracy, the rule of law and a free market economy. Since then, it has been a country with stability. In this sense, it is a country that all African states look up to as a model," Gul stated.

"Trade volume reaches 550 million USD"

"A large number of Turkish businesspeople accompanied me in my trip to Ghana in March 2011. The businesspeople of our two countries were encouraged to work together at the business forum held in Ghana," Gul indicated.

"I am pleased to see the results of this business forum. In a period less than two years, our bilateral trade rose 85 percent and reached 550 million USD. Furthermore, many Turkish businessmen began investing in Ghana. The government and president of Ghana played a great role for the success of Turkish businesspeople," Gul noted.

"In our tete-a-tete meeting and meeting between respective delegations, we decided to boost our relations in all fields," Gul said.

Following his talks in Ankara, President Mahama will attend a business forum meeting in Istanbul on Wednesday, Gul indicated.

I want to remind all that President Mahama's visit was an historic one, Gul stated.

Prior to the press conference, Turkey and Ghana signed various agreements, including ones on cooperation between free trade zones, cooperation in defense industry, and cooperation between the foreign ministries of both countries.

Ghana's president welcomes Turkey's approach to his country

Ghana's President John Dramani Mahama said that they were pleased with Turkey's seeing Ghana as an important partner within the scope of its opening policy towards Africa.

Mahama also called on Turkish businessmen to invest in his country, noting that they could invest in construction, petrochemistry, medicine, energy, agriculture, infrastructure, tourism and services areas.

Turkish president hosts dinner for Ghana's president

Gul has said that Turkey regarded Ghana as one of the most important countries in Africa.

Gul hosted a dinner in honor of Ghana's President John Dramani Mahama at Cankaya Presidential Palace.

President Gul said that bilateral trade volume between Turkey and Ghana rose by 85 percent to nearly 550 million U.S. dollars in a period less than two years and it showed a great potential between the two countries.

Mahama said that Turkey and Ghana were the two countries which had peace and stability, adding that they were impressed by rapid economic growth that has been seen in Turkey.