General News of Friday, 25 January 2013

Source: Charles Addo

Ghana will not bow to gay right – Hannah Tetteh

In the face of threats by some western countries to cut off foreign aid, the minister designate for foreign affairs, Hannah Tetteh, has said Ghana will not capitulate to pressures from outside to regularize homosexuality in comments to the Appointment Committee of Parliament on Thursday.

While stating that Ghana will always respect the principles of universal declaration on human right, she insisted that acceptance of homosexual acts would compromise the nation’s dignity, as laws in the country are rooted in “our culture and religion”.

“We [Ghana] have signed onto the charter of human right but as far as the issue of homosexuality is concerned it is an issue in which different countries in the world have different positions.

“The western countries have come to accept that homosexuality is a part of their society, in our society I don’t think we have come to that acceptance,” Madam Tetteh bluntly stated.

She said, if confirmed as minister, her administration will frequently engage foreign missions and embassies to ensure that Ghanaians domiciled abroad are treated with respect, stressing that the hustle and bustle that citizens usually go through when applying for visas will be addressed.

“I have noted with concerns some discomforts citizens are subjected to when they are applying for visas, so I will engage the respective heads of missions here to encourage them to do something about it to enhance the image of their countries and show respect to Ghanaians as well,” Madam Tetteh told the Committee.

A section of the Ghanaian society has taken a hard line against homosexual behavior and has warned successive governments to ignore pressures to legalize the practice.