Feature Article of Friday, 25 January 2013

Columnist: Nuhu, Albert

Shut up or ship out, Kwesi Pratt, Jr.


Folks, wake up to the destructive machinations of Kwesi Pratt and the Awhoi Brothers. The most stupid and most confused mind I have ever known is Kwesi Pratt, who said “Mahama is confused and sloppy with appointments”.

Kwesi Pratt, let me tell you something. There is a new era in Ghana, the Mahama Era. Kwesi Pratt, there is a new dawn in Ghana, and it is the Mahama Dawn. If you have not recognized it Mr. Pratt let me tell you and your AWHOI BROTHERS that the new Mahama era has swept you into oblivion. The Mahama era has swept you into the archives of political mischief, and you will remain there forever.

You Mr. Pratt and the Awhoi brothers have had your share of and your chance of misleading Mills and you will not get the same opportunity to blind fold John Mahama. John Mahama is fully awake, tuned to every whisper in Ghana coming from both foes and friends. He has your number and knows you and your many master maneuvers to derail this government, defame this government so as to become the center, front and back of decision making in an NDC government. No, no, no!! The time has come for new ideas, new faces on the scene, new brains and intellect like Atuguba, new vision for Ghana like the one John Mahama has for Ghana.

John Mahama told the country, including you, that the touch has been passed on, and that means all the old guards, all the Awhoi Brothers, all the idiots like you Kwesi Pratt and your political intrigues have been swept away. The NDC is a new party today with a new Leader. The NDC today is John Mahama’s NDC to run, to direct, to lead, to overhaul and to remold in his image; in his vision and to move the Party forward not turn back to buffoons like you Kwesi Pratt and the Awhoi brothers.

Whether you like it or not, John Mahama has taken over the reins of the NDC for the next eight years. John Mahama is the new kid in town. John Mahama is now in the driver’s seat. Kwesi Pratt, don’t even try to touch the steering wheel. John Mahama did not win elections to appoint your appointees, or to be dictated to by the Awhoi brothers or to be advised by the Awhoi brothers. The Mills era is dead; it died with Mills and the Awhoi brothers place in history and NDC died with Mills. Until a new leader is elected after eight years, John Mahama is the leader of this party. After eight years there will be another leader, and Kwesi Pratt it will not be you or the Awhoi Brothers.

Since this glorious son of Gonjaland took office, since this true son of change took over the reins of government in Ghana, you Kwesi Pratt and your henchmen or masters in the being of the Awhoi Brothers have tried every trick in the book to cloud this regime with false accusations, stupid suggestions, idiotic criticisms of his appointments and all the false pretenses to spear head the fight against the fall and disappearance of the Awhoi brothers from the Ghana political scene. You Kwesi Pratt and your rouge Awhoi brothers have tried every maneuver to mislead, to obstruct, `to cloud and drag the character and dignity and experience, and vision and above all the qualifications of John Mahama’s appointees for so many weeks now.

If the Awhoi brothers have purchased your services and loyalty, if the Awhoi brothers have enslaved you, or even if you have lost your senses and dogmatically alter and push into the media what the Awhoi brothers dictate to you to spread and falsify John Mahama’s agenda, or even to ridicule John Mahama’s appointees, it’s time you are told in your face to shut up and listen to or watch what big brains can do. Dr. Atuguba is more qualified than you and your Awhoi Brothers together; he is more read, he has better experience, and he has researched Ghana and produces documents relevant to Ghana’s development and has contributed more to the intellectual growth of Ghana than you and Awhoi brother can ever deem about or even start to do. Your petit minds arena match to Atuguba\’s and his advice to President Mahama will not be diminished by feeble e minds and liars and crazy warriors of destruction and intrigue like you and Kwesi Pratt and the Awhoi brothers.

Who dare you Kwesi Pratt to say that John Mahama is confused? Who dare you challenge THE CHOICES OF John Mahama for his cabinet? Who dare you argue with John Mahama on the wisdom and merit of his appointments?

Kwesi Pratt, let me tell you something: It is time the NDC communication officials come out boldly and swiftly to silence Kwesi Pratt and his nonsense. It is time for the NDC youth to come out and silence Kwesi Pratt and his little minds of the Awhoi Brothers. It is time the Zongo for Mahama brigade come out in defense of John Mahama’s appointees. Kwesi Pratt, listen me again: Mills is dead. The Mills regime and era died with him. So, the Awhoi brother’s time and fame in the castle died with Mills. It is not difficult to understand.

The New King is John Mahama, and the new King is making his appointments and does not need you Kwesi Pratt and the Awhoi brothers. John Mahama is the new King and he will rule according to his vision for Ghana and will appoint his cabinet according to his own vision for Ghana.

Once again, where are the NDC youth? Where are the NDC party officials, secretaries, regional chairpersons and leaders and MPs? Where are the members of the “Zongo for Mahama” hierarchy and officials who worked so hard to elect their president? Where is the rank and file of the NDC who worked so hard to elect their President?

This is the time to govern, NDC! Don’t allow buffoons and rogues like Kwesi Pratt and his henchmen or masters in the beings of their Awhoi brothers cloud your efforts, or dominate the media with their poison and arrogance, or get the free pass whenever they alter pure nonsense on the air, or go on TV to thrash your Ministers and the President’s appointees. It’s your government and it’s your Ministers and it’s your President, John Mahama, making the decisions and making the appointments.

NDC, don’t give in to the buffoons like Kwesi Pratt and his Awhoi brothers hiding behind the scenes to drown your voices and diminish your hard fought gains in the elections to elect your President. NDC, stand up to Kwesi Pratt in your rallies, match on the streets to protest Kwesi Pratt’s and the Awhoi brother’s nonsense to diminish your President. Let your views and voices be heard on the TVs and radios and newspapers and the bulletins around the country, condemning Kwesi Pratt and his conniving Awhoi brothers to take the shine off this President. Let every village and town know the machinations and lies of Kwesi Pratt and his Awhoi brothers. Expose Kwesi Pratt and his hidden agenda to nullify your efforts, and make sure your President’s decisions are respected, effected, supported and advanced to move Ghana forward, not to listen to idiots and buffoons like Kwesi Pratt who only want some selfish greedy and narrow agenda for control and domination by the Awhoi brothers. No, NO, NO!!! Ghana is moving forward not backward.

The touch has been passed on, the playing field has been leveled, the New Ghana is born and the old guards and old defamed and outdated ideas represented by Kwesi Pratt and the Awhoi brothers are no more; they are history, they are no more, and they have been swept away by the high tides of history and will never surface again. Bury these forces of evil and destruction exhibited in Kwesi Pratt and the Awhoi Brothers; destroy their intrigues.


To Kwesi Pratt and Awhoi Brothers: