Feature Article of Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Columnist: Wuni, Ras Iddi

Arms And Ammunition In Bawku

One of the main problems in Bawku has to do with too many arms and ammunition in the hands of civilians. I am saddened about everything. Sadden about the death of an innocent young man who could be whatever he aspires to be in life; a president, a medical doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, etc. I am saddened that someone has been denied his right to live. I am saddened that no one can confidently say that he/she will still be living tomorrow. No one can say all is well in Bawku. I am saddened because leaders cannot have control over trouble makers. I am saddened. Sadden because criminals have taken the good people of Bawku hostage.

I believe that the Securities agencies can do better, the MCE can do better, the MP elect can do better, the opinion leaders can do better. The Kusasis and Mamprusis can do better. We all can do better to flush out the miscreants among us. Why must gun shots continue to ring in the ears of children for more than three days without anyone doing something about it. Why? Why must arm conflict become like a ritual in our homeland.

My dear brothers and sisters, we must all rise up to the occasion. We must all speak with one clear voice to ourselves, our leaders, the Government, and the security agencies. We must all be proactive in ensuring that peace prevails in Bawku.

Sometime ago last year i proposed that the Military need to embark on a consistent operation dub OPERATION WHERE IS YOUR GUN to get rid of arms and ammunition in the hands of the people. I still think it is necessary and can be successful. It could go a long way in disarming the people if carried out tactically, professionally, surprisingly, and not to the disadvantage of any of the warring factions in Bawku. The Military must not allow the powers that be to bring their hard earn respect, professionalism, and the trust they enjoy from the people into disrepute.

The Kusasis and Mamprusis opinion leaders should always be able to call their people to order. The MCE must be seen to be working hand in hand with both the Kusasis and Mamprusis and place the security of the Municipality as his number one priority. The Government must be seen to be fair in dealing with the concerns and grievances of both the Kusasis and Maprusis. You and I must also be seen to be working for peace and making our homeland a better place for all to live.

Peace in Bawku is possible! May peace prevail in Bawku.

BY: Ras Iddi Wuni Jnr