Politics of Thursday, 10 January 2013


Enquirer Story Bogus!- NPP Man

The New Patriotic Party’s parliamentary candidate for the Upper Manya Krobo Constituency, Moses Tetteh Berimah, has exposed his detractors who were trying to disgrace him during the 2012 Presidential and Parliamentary election. The Enquirer on 5th December carried a front page story alleging that the UK Police are pursuing Mr. Moses Tetteh Berimah for threatening to hunt down a Ghanaian domiciled in the United Kingdom (UK) because of the refusal of that man’s wife to have an affair with him.

However, in response, Mr. Moses Berimah Tetteh has come out to deny the publication, describing the allegations as false and a total figment of the imagination of the Enquirer and its alleged sources. He has said that he has never threatened any man, let alone sleeping with the wife of the non-existent ‘man’.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with he Daily Searchlight, the parliamentary candidate for Upper Manya Krobo said he was very shocked and dismayed when he heard on air and in some newspapers that he has threatened an unnamed man because he wanted to sleep with the man’s wife. He said that he knows for a fact that this publication was concocted by the newly elected parliamentary candidate for the National Democratic Congress in the area.

He said that he has therefore petitioned the agencies that were named in the publication through to the Ghana Police CID office but they have not found any criminality against him,

“So you see how people can be wicked to put out something that they know is not true but just so they can get access to political office and that is what they have done to achieve their ambitions,” he said. On the alleged recording of his voice threatening the life of Edward Dongotey Dongoyoe, a Ghanaian domiciled in the UK, with membership to the UK/Ireland branch of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), he said he has never left any such message for anyone in the UK and looking at the voice message played on Right FM in Somanya, shows clearly that some people has recorded a voice similar to his to achieve their aim.

Mr. Moses Berimah Tetteh challenged the Enquirer Newspaper to mention the name of the supposed wife of Mr. Edward Dongotey Dongoyoe because he does not see the reason why they mentioned the man’s name but left that of the wife with whom they claim he slept with her.

“My brother read all write-up in the Enquirer. How on earth will a victim report a case to the Juvenile Unit of the Police for threatening her life and also trying to sleep with her and then claim that the police gave her an invitation letter to be given to me, Mr. Berimah? This is very ridiculous and well-crafted lies they put together to undermine my integrity,” he said.

The NPP candidate Mr. Moses Berimah Tetteh concluded that all the allegations against him were false and even his wife, Mrs. Dina Berimah, told the Enquirer that she knows him and he is the only man with whom she has had all her 4 children with, and this should have made the Newspaper crosscheck their facts before putting out something with which some people in their parochial interest wanted to craft to score cheap political points against him.