General News of Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Source: The Informer

Commentary: Bishop Heward-Mills’ Call Good For The Marines

It appears there is orchestrated game plan among certain men-of-God in this country, who will not allow the great National Democratic Congress (NDC) to have the needed sound footage of running affairs of the Ghana.

When the late Professor J.E.A. Mills came under siege from the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and suffered the insults and abusive language, the men-of-God were silent.

The Asomdwehene passed away with his heart bleeding, because, the men-of-God could not simply do what were expected of them per their calling. When President Mahama took over, things became worse and he also became the target of insults from the NPP. But the pastors stood aloof.

In the run- up to the last elections, a certain pastor in Kumasi, during a church service programme, asked that people from the North should be cursed; and yet his colleague pastors look on unconcerned. Then, Ghanaians woke up on January 1, 2013, only to hear the Presiding Bishop of the Lighthouse Chapel International, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, calling on President Mahama to give 30% of all business contracts to the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

His position was that, such move would ensure social cohesion and douse anger and tension, because people had lost election.

Sorry, Sir Bishop, this argument does not hold water at all. The members of the NPP are not Ghanaians than others to be treated in the special way that you are unwisely suggesting.

Your attempt to make your voice heard in recent times is not helping in you in any way; so please, stop making mockery of yourself.

Having travelled to many countries in the world, where at all did you hear of the system that you are proposing and wants President Mahama to implement, here in Ghana.

You in one breath spoke about equity and at same time asking that special quota should be offered to the NPP; a pack of contradiction. Sir Bishop, you got everything wrong, because, as Ghanaians everybody must be treated equally.

In any case, why should there be anger because somebody lost an election, all candidates that contest an election can simply not win at a time.

It will be good for you to talk to those who are angry because they lost an election, that, two candidates cannot win one election.

In fact, it is time for various elders in the churches to scrutinize sermons of their pastors before they are allowed to mount the pulpit to preach. Some Ghanaians are beginning to think that some pastors are out there for only mischief, and nothing else.

Bishop Heward-Mills should not turn round one day and accuse people who would question him over this particular call of being evil, because, he got everything wrong.

The suggestion is bogus and would not be taken anywhere in the world because it amounts to inequality; and God is not interested in inequality.

Bishop, you are so much respected and do not do anything to hurt the love Ghanaians have for you, with such loose and thoughtless talks.

This is just a bit of friendly advice, you either take it or be prepared to go down like the “bad company” Mensa Otabil.