General News of Wednesday, 9 January 2013


NPP on the right path with court decision- Political scientist

In the midst of the electoral controversies after the December election, Political Science lecturer at the University of Ghana, Legon, Dr. Ransford Gyampoh says the position taken by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) is in the right direction since it could have been worse if the supporters of the party were allowed to stay on the streets.

“I have said it somewhere else that the stance taken by the New Patriotic Party isn’t wrong. Compare it to what would have happened if they had decided to keep their people on the streets and to demonstrate and make the country ungovernable.”

The NPP have filed a writ at the Supreme Court challenging the results of the December 7 presidential election alleging that the Electoral Commission and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) connived to rig the polls.

Speaking to Bismark Brown on Breakfast TV Tuesday morning, the lecturer stated that the party is following the right process.

“I think they are following due processes even though I didn’t like the way they decided to take their matter to the court of public opinion.

“Generally if you decided to go to court, I think it is a good thing because electoral disputes have resulted in so many confusion, wars and chaos in many other African countries.

He wondered why President Mahama speaking immediately after his investiture on Monday, January 7, saw the action by the NPP as a barrier to his attempt to unite the country.

“Their decision to go to court is commendable. It is nothing bad and so I don’t see the reason why any president who is conciliatory will think of it as being bad and will see it as a barrier to his attempt to unify and to rally all of us around him to ensure that we are united.

“I think John Mahama should rule the country in the manner that reflects his very conciliatory nature. He is a person who is conciliatory so he should choose his own conviction to ensure that he achieves this,” he stressed.