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Source: Adeyemi Adebayo Victor-GhanaWeb

Love or Hate Naa Ashorkor… No In Between

The January issue of Glitz Africa Magazine which features different celebrities just stopped the questions we have been asking, “where has Naa Ashorkor been?”

The 2010 Best Actress award winner at the African Movie Academy Awards recently sprung out and without any blip, the sister is back for good as her poses suggest.

The actress and TV presenter took her turn in the captivating photo shoot by Kwaku David to get winks from every gaze.

The cutie paired her Duaba Serwaa designed outfits first with a gold shoe and then again with a Sa4a Design clutch and shoe to match, all combined with an impartial make up to give us a finishing bliss; at least something we shall not miss in a while.

Her pose just shows that she is still young at heart and her sexiness can’t be taken out of sight. She explains it better with her push up bra. This is one of those looks that you either love or hate, no in between.

She’s giving us super model swag in this.